2D Lotto Result November 18 2019

Ez2 Result November 18 2019,If you are a fan of swertres lottery game and want to diversify your options now, you should start with Ez2 lottery game. Both these games have immense similarities among them and you would find it a lot easier to make a switch. The draw mechanics are pretty similar and you won’t really have any issues in matching the numbers on Ez2 result whenever you want.

Ez2 Result Monday – 18-11-2019

11am: 25-18
4pm: 17-05
(in exact order)

Can you win the jackpot prize with Ez2 lotto as often as you do with swertres lottery game? Well, you can always rely on our Ez2 hearing updates to get the dice rolling. Besides, a look into the past results will always help. You can check out the result archives any time you like and have a look at the numbers that are drawn more frequently compared to the others. Play these numbers more often and you are definitely up for some serious winnings.

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