6/45 Lotto Result September 16, 2020

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The 6/45 lottery game is one of the various pari-mutuel games played under the production of PCSO lotto draw and it offers great odds to the bettors to try their luck and win some serious cash. Let’s explore some details of what this lottery is all about.

6/45 Lotto Result September 16 2020 

Just make sure that you keep betting regularly and check your 6/45 result at 9 pm every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. You will definitely hit the jackpot when you’ll learn how it all works and how you should be choosing your combination to play.

6/45 Lotto Winning Numbers: 
Jackpot Prize of Php:

Have a look at the lotto result history and you will find out a lot of great things that won’t just be motivational but will also offer you insights into the winning combinations drawn recently. The history has seen thousands of people becoming the millionaires over the years at PCSO lottery draw and mega lotto 6/45 had a great contribution in that too.

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