EZ2 Lotto Result Feburary 20 2020

EZ2 Lotto Result Feburary 20 2020,When you are into playing lotteries and you want to make riches, you shouldn’t really rely on one lottery game that you play the most. If you are playing swertres, for example, you should diversify to Ez2 lotto. Getting desired Ez2 result may be easier for you with all the experience you have with swertres.

Ez2 Result Thursday – 20-2-2020

11am: 25-22 
4pm: 24-11
9pm: 26-12
(in exact order)

In fact, you should add in all the similar games played at the PCSO lottery draw to your portfolio and give yourself a better chance at making riches. For example, if you play to match the 6/55 result, you’re adding a prize pool of PHP 30 million to your mix. Similarly, if you are matching the 6/58 result then you will be up for a PHP 50 million jackpot prize. Keep increasing the number of games and you will end up with some serious cash at the end of your campaign.                            

Nevertheless, if you are looking for the simplest lotteries, you should look forward to the next Ez2 result and give yourself a chance to claim the jackpot prize.

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