EZ2 Lotto Result Feburary 22 2020

One of the best lottery games played at the PCSO lottery draw in Philippines, the Ez2 lotto is very much similar to the fixed prize lotteries like swertres and STL games. When playing Ez2, you have to beat minor odds and match the winning combination by playing numbers that are most likely to show up on any lotto draw. Matching the exact Ez2 result will earn you PHP 4000 jackpot.

As mentioned earlier, both Ez2 and swertres are similar in many aspects and the game mechanics aren’t much different from each other either. You just have to be spot on with calling the numbers and your jackpot prize won’t be too far away.

Ez2 Result Saturday – 22-2-2020

11am: 05-06
4pm: 31-13
9pm: 06-21
(in exact order)

Are you ready to rock the scene at next Ez2 lotto draw? Be confident while calling the shots and you will surely end up with something special coming your way. You will definitely match the Ez2 result.

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