Ez2 Result August 21 2019

The crazy swertres lovers must not overlook other options that can help them win easy jackpots at the PCSO lottery draw as well. At least, the games with similar draw mechanics, like Ez2 lotto, should be on your agenda and you must participate in all the daily draws to increase your chances of winning bigger prizes every day. Even though you get PHP 4000 by matching the numbers on Ez2 result but add that too PHP 4500 you can win with swertres lottery and suddenly you have PHP 8500 from a single lottery draw.

Ez2 Result Wednesday – 21-8-2019

11am: 03-12 
4pm: 01-14 
9pm: 04-15
(in exact order)

Participating in multiple lotteries on a single draw and playing with Ez2 hearing and swertres hearing is definitely going to give you a huge boost when it comes to securing bigger prizes. You just need to make sure that you don’t lose hope and continue playing these lottery games regularly. Participate in as many draws as you can and even think of diversifying your options further.

A look into previous Ez2 result updates shared here is always going to help you pick up your numbers accurately for the future draws. You must also hit the bell icon at the bottom of the page to stay updated with the latest that we share about your favorite lottery games.

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