Ez2 Result August 27 2019

Is Ez2 lotto the same as swertres lottery game? Many would say yes and others would say yes but with a few differences. A visible difference between the two lottery games lies in the jackpot prizes associated to them. Swertres pays PHP 4500 for each jackpot win while matching the Ez2 result earns you PHP 4000. The idea is to keep playing both these lottery games regularly and you’ll end up winning serious sums over time.

Ez2 Result Tuesday – 27-8-2019

11am: 01-21
4pm: 18-02
9pm: 08-25
(in exact order)

While both these lottery games have eerie similarities among them, it pays off to play both of them in tandem. Yes, you’ll be increasing your chances to win more on a daily basis. Both the lottery games have three daily draws scheduled and each of them will give you a chance of winning PHP 8500 combined. So, what are you waiting for then? Participate in as many draws as possible and win some serious cash.

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