Ez2 Result August 3 2019

Ez2 lottery is a close match to the popular swertres lotto. Both the lottery games follow the same schedule and are drawn daily three times. The odds are pretty similar and so is the prize money linked to this lottery game. So, with such eerie similarities, you should look forward to expanding your lotto portfolio and start playing both lotteries together. That would increase your chances of winning more money in jackpots as it would add PHP 4000 to your winnings if you match the Ez2 result on any day.

Ez2 Result Saturday – 3-8-2019

11am: 21-06 
4pm: 10-08 
9pm: 16-10
(in exact order)

Can you win Ez2 lotto by playing the same numbers that are declared hot for the swertres lotto? Well, you do stand a serious chance to do that because both these games are extremely similar and have similar draw mechanics too. Even if you are not so sure about that, you can simply try it out on a few occasions and see if you can match the winning numbers or not. You are surely going to get there.

Understand the draw mechanics for Ez2 lotto? Don’t worry; it’s pretty similar to swertres which you might have already been playing. Just match the numbers on Ez2 result and claim riches.

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