Ez2 Result March 11 2020

Swertres and Ez2 lotto do not have a big difference in their jackpot prizes with swertres offers a PHP 4500 jackpot while the  Ez2 offering a PHP 4000 jackpot. And, with not  expensive ticket prices, why do not you bet on both of lotteries for the same day draws? Yes, that’s a good idea and it will provide you a great shot at winning a jackpot. Check Ez2 result from the previous results and you will find out that many of people have been able to make riches playing the lottery.

EZ2 Result Tuesday -11-3-2020

11am: 20-19
4pm: 16-09
9pm: 30-23
(in exact order)

You can  also play Ez2 lotto every single day and can  participate in up to six consecutive draws by purchasing your lottery tickets once. Just play it for as more draws as you possible could and increase your probabilities of winning the lottery when the Ez2 result is declared.

 Come back again tomorrow for the next Ez2 result announcements at 11am, 4pm, and 9pm. All the results are updated as soon as the lottery is drawn live at the PCSO lotto draw.



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