Ez2 Result October 19 2019

Planning to expand your portfolio at the PCSO lottery draw? Do you think you need something as closely related to the swertres lotto as possible just because you’ve mastered that game already? You should be looking forward to playing the Ez2 lottery game which comes with pretty much the similar odds. In fact, the jackpot prize is not too different either as you will be entitled to claiming a sum of PHP 4000 each time you match the numbers on Ez2 result.

Ez2 Result Saturday – 19-10-2019

11am: 03-27
4pm: 10-24
9pm: 31-28
(in exact order)

Even though the Ez2 lottery game is good enough to match the swertres lotto and you should be playing these two lotteries to make riches at the end of the day, you must not overlook other lotteries with the likes of STL games and various pari-mutuel lotteries drawn at the PCSO draw. The options are endless and you just need to have a clear idea as to how you should be approaching the lotto scene to make the most of your efforts.

When calling the numbers for playing Ez2 lottery, you should take some inspiration from the swertres hearing updates as well. It will help you get as close as possible to the winning numbers on Ez2 result. A little analysis of your own, and you’ll definitely end up winning the jackpots consistently.

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