Ez2 Result October 21 2019

A perfect match to the popular swertres lottery game, the Ez2 lotto allows lottery lovers to take the opportunity to multiply their winnings. Yes, the lottery game is categorized among the simplest of lotteries and has very low odds associated to it. The jackpot prize is PHP 4000 which is slightly less than what you get with the swertres lotto. You can play with the same strategy to match the numbers on Ez2 result and turn things in your favor.

Ez2 Result Monday –21-10-2019

11am: 03-04
4pm: 03-09
9pm: 06-04
(in exact order)

If you can’t seem to beat the odds as frequently as you would like, try to follow our Ez2 result updates and you will get a perfect match to the winning numbers. The numbers are announced regularly and you get predictions for all the lottery draws scheduled on a day. Play it with other lotteries including swertres and you will end up making riches pretty soon.

The Ez2 result is announced every single day at 11am, 4pm, and 9pm at the PCSO lottery draw. Stay tuned and keep checking the results here to find out if you have won it or not.

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