Ez2 Result October 7 2019

The next draw of the day is that of Ez2 lotto, the popular choice among those swertres lovers. Obviously, the lottery game allows swertres players to diversify their options and add up to their winnings by getting the desired Ez2 result on any day. The lottery game offers a similar jackpot prize offer PHP 4000 against each win. So, do you think you can beat the low odds in this lottery game and claim the jackpot?

Ez2 Result Monday – 7-10-2019

11am: 15-08
4pm: 04-29
9pm: 01-07
(in exact order)

There are three draws scheduled daily for this lottery game as well and if you have had enough luck with swertres, you can definitely take your chances with this one too. With almost similar odds and the draw mechanics, you can even take advantage of the swertres hearing numbers for a particular day to claim a big prize in Ez2 lottery as well.

The Ez2 result is announced at 11 am, 4 pm, and 9 pm every single day and we share it here at today swertres result as soon as it is announced. So, keep an eye on it and keep visiting us.

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