Ez2 Result September 23 2019

If you are looking for options besides swertres on the PCSO lotto draw, you really don’t have to worry as there is huge variety available. Take Ez2 lottery, for example, the lotto game comes with almost the similar odds and you can easily get the desired Ez2 result.

The prize money on the line isn’t too much, but it is not too low compared to what you can get with swertres either. It is PHP 4000 that you can make if you hit the jackpot. The lottery is drawn on a daily basis and you do have huge chances to make it big on your day.

Ez2 Result Monday – 23-9-2019

111am: 12-29
4pm: 28-30
9pm: 19-14
(in exact order)

You don’t only have to stick to the Ez2 lottery when playing lotto at the PCSO lottery draw. There is a huge variety available in pari-mutuel lottery games like lotto 6/42, mega lotto 6/45, Super lotto 6/49 and so on. The odds keep increasing as you go further down the lane and so does the prize money.

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