Ez2 Result Thursday July 18 2019

A close cousin to swertres lotto, the Ez2 lottery game is played regularly for a long time at the PCSO lottery draw. The lottery game gets all the acceptance from the lotto lovers and is drawn three times every day just like the swertres lotto. Matching the numbers on Ez2 result isn’t that hard either, because the odds are low and the game is pretty similar to the popular swertres lottery. 

Ez2 Result Thursday – 18-7-2019

11am: 05-06 
4pm: 26-21 
9pm: 02-18 
(in exact order)

So, if you have been in a habit of matching swertres result, you shouldn’t have any problem claiming the jackpot prize with swertres lotto either. There is a lot at stake in this lottery game as well and if you know how to win, you can increase the money you take home significantly. Adding other lottery games to your portfolio like lotto 6/42, mega lotto 6/45, and super lotto 6/49 is always a great idea because in that case you will be playing for much higher prize. Nevertheless, you must keep playing simple lotteries like Ez2 and swertres because they give you some quick and easy money. 

How often you match the Ez2 result actually depends on the approach you take towards playing the lottery. But one thing you must do is to play as frequently as you can because that will maximize your possibility to match the winning numbers. 

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