Today Swertres Result

Who doesn’t want to make riches and switch to a luxury lifestyle? Everyone wants to lift their standards of living but not many of them end up on the right path, trying their luck with the lotteries, so that they can get to their destination overnight. If you have heard of swertres, you should definitely start looking into today swertres result right now and see if you can win the jackpot to change your life in a few moments.
To give you an idea of what this swertres thing is, it’s basically a lottery game that is drawn under Philippines Charity Sweepstakes Office and has been a popular choice among bettors for more than two decades now. And, if you have already tried your luck with all those so-called lottery games around, you should definitely go with swertres or any other game played at the PCSO lotto.
The lottery draw goes live on PTV4 every single day and the results are televised live giving you a look at the legitimacy of the draw and the procedures being followed. Remember, however, that there is only one draw that goes live every day and that’s swertres result 9pm. You still have to check out the other two draws for the day online – either at the official website of PCSO or here at today swertres result because we bring the most authentic and reliable results as soon as they are announced.

The requirements as well as the payouts of the games featured in PCSO lotto draw are all different depending on the game you choose to play. However, if you have the basic know-how of the rules, then you can definitely make it work for yourself playing the most popular lottery game in Philippines, the swertres lotto. Here have everything you need to know about this infamous lotto today.

Today Swertres Result

Making up your mind to play the swertres game for the first time may not be easy but once you have done that, you’d be waiting for today swertres result all the time. Checking out the result of the game regularly places you better for hitting the jackpot and completely turning your fate upside down.
To make sure that you win big, keep checking the result every single day on the designated times and if you are smart enough you will be able to pick the winning combinations quite easily. Yes, it’s just the matter of mastering the skill and you are surely going to beat the system with your natural skills.
Also, if you are a regular bettor, you should be checking today swertres result on a regular basis so that you may not miss it if the winning combination matches what you had chosen. Obviously, winning a jackpot and not claiming it is never going to help. The draws are held three times every day and here we have the today swertres result schedule for you.
    • Today swertres result 11am
    • Today swertres result 4pm
  • Today swertres result 9pm

Remember that even though the draws are held regularly every single day and three times a day, there are some holidays as well. So, when you are going to play swertres, you should stay aware of the schedule so that any public holidays may not fall on the day of the draws.
Keep checking our website for today swertres result because we are always the first to break the news online. Stay tuned and you will never miss your swertres result and a chance to become a millionaire.

Lotto Today

If you ask us which is the most famous of all the lotto day, we’d definitely go with PCSO swertres because it’s regularly drawn – thrice every day – and has a decent jackpot. The lottery draw allows you to win a fixed payout of ₱4500 if you simply go with the standard play which is probably the easiest of all.
If you choose to play lotto today with other variations of the game including Rambolito play, you can win ₱1500 and ₱750 for different predefined conditions.
The game offers low odds and you can have greater chances of winning as compared to other 6 number games offered on a pari-mutuel system at the PCSO lotto. The simple reason is that you are going to choose from only 10 digits in the range 0-9 and you are quite likely to match the winning combinations with only 3 digits to be matched. You can check the results of the lottery game for the day at 11am, 4pm, and 9pm.

Results Today

As mentioned earlier, for getting the results today, you really need to be vigilant and must check out the results on a regular basis. On this page, we share today swertres result and all results today for the variety of lottery games being drawn.
Yes, it is not just about the results sharing for swertres, which is the most drawn lottery game around, but also for the other games that this PCSO lottery draw is known for. Whether you are interested in lotto 6/42, 6/45, 6/49, 6/55, 6/58, 4D, 6D, STL or Ez2, we bring you the results for all these games that might attract your interest. As far as the Small Town Lottery (STL) is concerned, we bring you the results for all three lotteries part of it including Pares, Swer3, and 2 Digit variations of the lotto.
Whether the results today for all these lottery games are drawn on daily basis or they are just drawn on the predefined scheduled days, you can count on us for getting the accurate and timely results. The betting process is not too difficult either and we have even outlined it here too.
  • Visit the lotto outlet that is authorized
  • Get your playslip for the game that you intend to bet on
  • Mark your combination and all the options required on the playslip
  • Submit the playslip as well as the amount you want to bet before getting your lottery ticket
  • Wait for the draw and see if you have matched the winning numbers
  • Claim your prize at lotto outlets or PCSO head office according to the procedure and guidelines

So, just decide which game you would like to bet on and keep checking results today here on this page before claiming your winnings. All the best Filipinos!

The Lottery Is Legit And Fair

When you are going to try your luck with the lottery games, the first major concern that hits your mind is about the legitimacy of the thing. Yes, you have to ascertain that the laws in the country where the lottery is being drawn allow for such happenings and also that the lottery you have chosen is all fair and safe.
With so many scams being done all over the world, you want to keep yourself safe and make sure that you are not played by some group of scammers involved in organized crime. One thing that you can be sure of, however, is that swertres is very much legit and it is also no scam.
There is a systematic draw procedure followed and the draws are conducted in front of an audience live without any chance of manipulating the results. The numbers for all the lottery games are picked automatically and there is almost no human intervention when drawing today swertres result. The gems which are used for drawing the lottery are inspected thoroughly before each draw and there is a panel featuring neutral judges which inspects these gems for their proper function.
Furthermore, the facility is also equipped with video cameras that record all the proceedings. Everything is captured to make sure no manipulation happens at any stage of the process. Whenever you bet on one of the games being played at PCSO lotto, you should be at mind’s peace that your money is safe and you won’t be wasting your time at all.
So, the feel of the lotto today, buy the tickets now and participate in next draw scheduled for the game. If you keep checking today swertres result on regular basis, you will definitely end up winning the lottery. Just bet with confidence and have faith.

A Few Things To Keep In Your Mind

As there are quite a few different lottery games played at the PCSO lotto, you’d be excited by now to play swertres and check today swertres result to see what you have won. However, there are a few things that you should keep in mind before you start betting with the PCSO lottery draw. Have a look at the points listed below before you start playing the lottery.

  • You must bet before 8pm cut off time for the subsequent draws. No PCSO outlets will accept your bets after this time on any given day. Respect the deadlines and keep yourself in the game.
  • PCSO follows a pari-mutuel draw system in which all the winners get their share of the lottery if more than one individuals end up matching the winning combination. The prize money is distributed equally among all winners.
  • There are some fixed payout games played at PCSO lotto as well where you can bet and win a fixed payout as outlined in the terms of the lotto. Swertres and Ez2 make these fixed payout games and they’re drawn every single day being the most popular of the lot.
  • There is 1% commission that goes to the agents at PCSO lottery draw and the authorized dealers of the lotto. This commission only goes to the agents and outlets that had sold the winning ticket.
  • The latest TRAIN law applies to PCSO lottery draw and due to that whatever you win is subjected to 20% tax whenever the winning amount goes over PHP 10000. It’s obligatory and you can’t simply avoid that.

Now that you are equipped with everything you need to know about the PCSO lottery draw, you should be ready to bet. The lottery really is your ultimate chance to make riches and try your luck with something that’s already helped many become millionaires overnight. Only in 2017, there were 772 millionaires made by the PCSO lottery draw. Even though it is all automatic, you can easily pick the trend in winning combinations by regularly checking out the today swertres result or the results of any other lottery game that you want to play. Rest assured that there is no human intervention and the results are not manipulated at all. We’ll bring you the results right here on this page as soon as the draws are held. So, if you are ready to make riches with Swertres, it’s about time that you start betting and get your tickets at the PCSO lotto outlets right away. Good Luck!