PCSO PTV Lotto Result

If you are already into playing lotteries and you belong to Philippines, you’d know that there is no better option you have than PCSO lotto draw. The lottery program is a production of Philippines Charity Sweepstakes Office and it was first aired somewhere around 1995. That’s certainly a long time ago and the very fact that it is still around vouches for its legitimacy. A large majority of people across Philippines wait for the PCSO PTV lotto result everyday as they bet on all the most popular games played at the lotto draw.

The stats show that only in 2017, the lottery draw made 772 millionaires in the country as they had hit the jackpot playing one of the games at PCSO lotto draw. So, if you want to make riches as well, you should definitely go ahead and start betting with this legit lottery played across Philippines.

PCSO lottery draw

The PCSO lottery draw is a combination of pari-mutuel and fixed price lottery games that all have different playing conditions and their own prize ranges. It remains quite a challenge, however, to win the jackpot every time you bet at any of the games in PCSO lotto.

If you want to check out the PCSO PTV lotto result, keep the timings when it is announced in your mind and you will soon have the entire schedule on your finger tips.

For the couple of games that are played daily at the PCSO lottery draw, there are three draws held every day. The first of these draws is conducted at 11 am. The second one is done at 4 pm while the last draw of the day is at 9 pm and this one goes live at PTV 4 as well.

PCSO Lotto Result Today

When you want to know the PCSO lotto result today, you need to look for it according to the game you have played. Yes, there are more than 8 different games played at the PCSO lotto and only two of them are drawn on a daily basis. This means you can only check swertres result and ez2 result on a daily basis as these are the games that are drawn thrice every day. Just know the schedule and check for the result at the time of the draw for which you have played the lottery game.

All the other games played at the PCSO lotto have a fixed schedule and they are drawn only 3 days in a week. You will have a look at the schedule for each of these games in a later section on this page.

PCSO Lotto Result ez2

Ez2 lotto remains one of the most popular games played at the PCSO lottery draw. It is one of the two fixed prize games that Filipinos can bet on with PCSO. Besides swertres, it’s ez2 that is drawn every single day and you can check the results of the draws every day at 11am, 4pm and 9pm. So, if you’re looking for PCSO lotto result ez2, you should only look for it at these designated times.

Checking out PCSO lotto result ez2 here regularly would allow you to get a detailed look at the recent results as they are published. You can not only check if you have won the lottery or not but can also use these ez2 results to determine what number combinations are picked by the system so that you can pick the right combination the next time.

Even though it is strictly advised that you should not pick the already drawn combinations for any of the lottery games played at the PCSO lotto, you can still try to pick some trends to predict the winning numbers for future. Choosing the numbers already drawn in recent times means that you are restricting your chances of winning with this lottery game because it’s highly unlikely that the same numbers will be drawn again anytime soon.

So, keep an eye on PCSO lotto result ez2 and make sure that you pick the right combinations time and again.

When To Check PCSO PTV Lotto Result?

As mentioned earlier, the games played at the PCSO lottery draw have completely different schedules and there are only two games that are played on a day to day basis. These include Swertres and Ez2 and you can check the results of these two at the following times and schedules:

For Swertres result:

For Ez2 result:

Both these games are the fixed payout games and if you manage to win these lotteries on any day at the PCSO lottery draw, you will be entitled to a pre-defined payout no matter how many tickets win the draw.

The other type of games is the Pari-mutuel games – the ones where prize is distributed among all winners equally. As far as their schedule and timing is concerned, you will find it in the below section.

The Games Played At PCSO PTV Lotto

By now, you must have a good idea of what type of games are played at the PCSO lottery draw – the Pari-mutuel games and the fixed payout games. The total number is 8 and they all come with unique requirements to win the jackpot. Some of these have lower odds while the others have higher odds making them hard to win.

Let’s have a look at each of the games played at PCSO lottery draw and their specific schedule for every week.

Pari-mutuel Games

All these games are drawn at 9pm on their designated days and they all have different odds of winning the jackpot. Let’s check out what sets them apart from each other and when each of these lotteries is drawn.


  • Lotto 6/42


This is the oldest of all lottery games played at the PCSO lottery draw and was introduced when the program started first in 1995. There were two different versions of the game introduced in different regions but in 2005 it was combined into one.

The lottery requires you to pick six numbers from 1-42 and match 3 of them, at least, with winning combination to win a prize. If you match all six, you are entitled for the jackpot. The odds for hitting a jackpot with lotto 6/42, however, stand at 1 in 5245786.

The draws of this lottery game are held every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 9pm.

  • Mega Lotto 6/45

This one came as an improvement to the lotto 6/42 and when it was introduced the game was available all over the country. This is another 6-number game that requires you to choose your numbers from 1-45, hence increasing the odds. Just like 6/42, the game requires you to match 3 numbers at least with the ones chosen by the system as winning combination to claim a prize. You match all six to win jackpot but the chances are low compared to the other game with odds at 1 in 8145060.

The lottery is drawn every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9pm.



This one increases the odds even further, making it an even harder alternative of the 6/42 lotto. Here you have to pick your numbers from the range of 1-49. So, you have even higher odds with 1 in 13983816 chance of hitting the jackpot.

If you want to watch the PCSO PTV lotto result, make sure that you tune into PTV 4 at 9pm on every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.



This six number game was introduced in 2010 and even though it had the same draw mechanics as with the games above, it increased the odds to 1 in 28989675 chances to hit the jackpot. The number pool increased to 55 this time.

The draws for this lottery game are held on every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. You can watch it live on PTV 4 at 9pm.



This lottery game is most recent among all the pari-mutuel games being played at the PCSO lottery draw and it was introduced in 2015. With same draw mechanics, it is different in the fact that it gives you 58 numbers to choose from. The game has the highest odds among the lot with 1 in 40475358 chances to win the jackpot.

The lottery is drawn every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday at 9pm.



The lottery draw uses 4-chambered mega gem with each of these chambers drawing a one digit in the range from 0-9. For winning a prize, you need to have 2 digits, at least, matching with winning combination. You have 1 in 10000 chances to win the jackpot with this alternative.

The draw is held on every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 9pm.



This game is similar to the 4D alternative when it comes to the drawing mechanism. However, for this one there is 6-chambered mega gem used to draw six digits and make the winning combination.

If you want to win the lottery, you need to have initial 3 or last 3 digits matching with winning combination at least. This one has higher odds for winning with 1 in 1000000 chances of hitting a jackpot.

The draw is held at 9pm on every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and the game is played exclusively in Luzon.

Fixed Payout Games

Now, let’s move to the fixed payout games that are drawn every day and three times a day. These include:

  • Swertres 3 Lotto

The swer3 lotto is a 3-digit game that uses 3-chambered Mega Gem for drawing the lotter. Each of these mega gems are used to draw a certain digit from the range of 0-9. It is drawn three times daily from Monday through Sunday. The timing for three draws is 11am, 4pm, and 9pm.

No other game at the PCSO lotto is as popular as this one and it garners strong following on all social media platforms, particularly Facebook.


  • Ez2 Lotto


This variation uses 2-chambered Mega Gem where each of the chambers draws a number in the range from 1-31. This means that a winning combination can have same number appearing twice.

If you want to win a jackpot playing ez2 lotto, you should match 2 numbers exactly in same order as appeared in the winning combination. You do have a good chance at that with low odds of getting exact same order as you have 1 out of 961 chances to get that.

This lottery game is also drawn three times every day as the schedule is 11am, 4pm, and 9pm Monday through Sunday.

The 9pm draws of the fixed payout games are televised live at the PTV 4 everyday. So, you can check your PCSO PTV Lotto result live only for the last draw of the day.

So, if you have been waiting for your turn to win a lottery, you don’t have a better chance of hitting a jackpot than in PCSO lottery draw. Learn different games, understand which game gives you the best chance at hitting the jackpot and bet whenever you like. Check PCSO PTV lotto result at scheduled time to see how lucky you were with your picks. You do have a good chance of winning in certain games.


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