STL Result January 13 2020

STL Result January 13 2020 Which lottery game has been your favorite over the years? Was it swertres or Ez2 lotto? Probably, you might have loved playing Small Town Lottery games ever since you had known that playing lottery games can help you make riches. And, if you are already playing one or more of these lottery games, your ultimate goal must have been winning jackpot prizes by getting the desired STL result and playing numbers that are drawn on a given day.

STL Result January 13 2020 – Monday

Pares Result

11am: 06-03
4pm: 20-15
9pm: 21-11
(in exact order)

Swer3 Result

11am: 6-3-8
4pm: 1-0-1
9pm: 9-2-9
(in exact order)

Swer2 Result

11am: 3-9
4pm: 3-6
9pm: 0-2

(in exact order)

Well, that’s something which comes with experience and if you want to rock the lotto scene then you should definitely spend time playing lotteries. Practice as much as you can and you’re sure to get the desired STL result consistently some day.


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