STL Result October 5 2019

If you have always been lucky with the small town lottery games, you should increase your frequency of playing the lotto now. The STL games have become the part of PCSO lottery draw since 2017 and you can now get the STL result three times every day. No, it’s not the same result brought to you thrice. Rather, there are three daily draws scheduled for these lottery games and you can be a part of all of them if you want to on any day.

STL Result Saturday – 5-10-2019

STL Pares Result

11am: 31-05
4pm: 17-02
9pm: 32-28

STL Swer3 Result

11am: 1-5-1
4pm: 3-5-8
9pm: 0-5-4

STL Swer2 Result

11am: 2-7
4pm: 0-5
9pm: 4-8

Matching the result and winning a jackpot prize with either of Pares, Swer3 and 2 digit game shouldn’t really be a problem for you if you play the lottery regularly. Nevertheless, you can follow the trends by doing some analysis of the winning numbers from the past and coming up with the hot numbers and cold numbers that feature in those results.

You should be able to match STL result regularly if you have been playing lottery for some time now. Call your shots with some deliberation to make it count every time. Above all, diversify to other lotteries like Ultra lotto 6/58 as well and you’re on top of your game to start making riches.

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