STL Results July 22 2019

The STL result is announced every day at 11am, 4pm, and 9pm where you get the numbers for all lottery games including Pares, Swer3, and the 2 digit lotto. Before 2017, the STL lottery was played in a small region in Philippines, but it went across the country after merging with PCSO lotto draw which is the primary venue for the lotto lovers in the country. The STL games are drawn on a daily basis and you can multiply your earnings by playing as frequently as you can.

STL Result Monday – 22-7-2019

Pares Results

11am: 28-36
4pm: 08-30
9pm: __-__

Swer3 Results

11am: 5-6-4
4pm: 9-3-1
9pm: _-_-_

2 Digit Results

11am: 7-5
4pm: 0-6
9pm: _-_

Combine STL with other lottery games at the PCSO draw, at least the ones that are drawn daily, and you get to expand your winnings significantly. For a one off huge jackpot, you should give a try to the highest paid lotteries with the likes of Ultra lotto 6/58, Grand lotto 6/55, and Super lotto 6/49. With jackpot prizes set at PHP 50 million, PHP 30 million, and PHP 16 million for each of these games respectively, you will definitely be lucky if you get to win even a single jackpot with either of these lotteries.

You can easily match the numbers on STL result on any day if you are playing the game consistently. Just keep playing, analyzing numbers, and winning jackpots to become rich pretty soon.

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