STL Results June 28 2019

If you have tried all lottery games at PCSO lottery draw and did not have luck to win any of them, why not try the ST Lottery alternative. it’s nothing different and just a set of games that are also drawn under the PCSO lotto draw but have been given their specific name. The STL result is available 3 times every day as well after each draw that is conducted on daily basis.

If you have interest in playing STL lottery, you can also try any of the three games listed under the lotto draw including Pares, Swer3, and 2 Digit. Play the lottery and do come back to us for checking out your STL result for the day.

Here is a look at today’s STL result for each of the three lotteries. We will update results of remaining draws as soon as they are held.

STL Results Friday  28-6-2019

Pares Result

11am: 07-19
4pm: 12-28
9pm: 18-38

Swer3 Result

11am: 7-0-4
4pm: 5-0-7
9pm: 6-4-4

2Digit Result

11am: 8-6
4pm: 4-6
9pm: 2-7

You have to be patient enough when playing the STL lottery, or any other lottery game for that matter, just keep checking your STL result for 11am draw, 4pm draw and 9pm draw. You never know which draw for the day brings you the good news.

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