STL Results March 9 2020

Small town lottery games are getting as popular as ever since they have been included in the PCSO lottery draw – the primary lotto competition in Philippines. It does add a huge variety to the lottery games that are part of the PCSO draw and allows lotto lovers to go with the lottery games that inspire them the most.

STL Results Sunday – 9-3-2020

Pares Results

11am: 15-01
4pm: 01-11
9pm: 09-10

Swer3 Results

11am: 4-0-6
4pm: 4-9-3
9pm: 8-6-4

2 Digit Results

11am: 4-3
4pm: 0-8
9pm: 9-6

In exact order

Obviously, the ultimate goal is to win a jackpot and you can get that STL result with just about any of these lottery games that are part of STL without really doing anything special.

Just keep following the results for each of these lottery games and be part of, at least, all the lottery draws for your chosen game on the day.


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