STL Results October 2 2019

The small town lottery games have been the latest addition to the PCSO lottery draw and they have really grabbed the attention of the lotto players. Everyone who loves playing the easiest of lottery games is playing Pares, Swer3 and 2 digit game regularly. A great motivation for them is that matching the winning numbers on STL result isn’t really a big problem either. Only with a bit of experience and deliberation, you can end up on the winning side. 

STL Result Wednesday– 2-10-2019

Pares Result

11am: 19-20
4pm: 05-33
9pm: 15-13

Swer3 Result 

11am: 5-3-6
4pm:  7-1-5
9pm: 4-2-5

2 Digit Result

11am: 1-6
4pm: 8-2
9pm: 7-0

If you have matched the winning numbers, just check out the prize money you have won and claim your prize either at the PCSO outlet or the PCSO head office. No matter which lottery games you play, the procedure for claiming your prize money remains the same. Just keep winning and make riches over time. 

No matter if you match the STL result in today’s draw or not, it was a good experience for you to take away something. At least, it gives you an idea which numbers you should be playing next time. Pick the trends in winning numbers and keep playing to change your fate. 

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