Playing swertres and making riches with the lottery game has become more of a favorite pastime for the Filipinos. There are a lot of people who bet on the lottery game every day and make riches. Even though the game has an enormous jackpot, playing other lotteries at the PCSO lotto entitles you to win and claim other generous prizes as well. If you can have a look at the swertres result history, you would definitely find out how things have been shaping up in the past and how bettors have been able to win huge cash prizes with the lotto.

  • 05/03/19 – 11am: _-_-_ 4pm: _-_-_ 9pm: _-_-_
  • 05/02/19 – 11am: 9-6-7 4pm: 6-0-4 9pm: 6-5-7
  • 05/01/19 – 11am: 8-5-3 4pm: 1-1-0 9pm: 0-6-5
  • 04/30/19 – 11am: 2-4-3 4pm: 2-9-4 9pm: 5-9-7
  • 04/28/19 – 11am: 6-9-0 4pm: 4-6-2 9pm: 4-0-6
  • 04/27/19 – 11am: 4-9-5 4pm: 2-8-8 9pm: 4-9-5
  • 04/26/19 – 11am: 1-6-2 4pm: 3-5-6 9pm: 9-5-9
  • 04/25/19 – 11am: 1-7-6 4pm: 6-1-3 9pm: 8-9-0
  • 04/24/19 – 11am: 3-9-3 4pm: 0-8-7 9pm: 3-8-3
  • 04/23/19 – 11am: 0-0-9 4pm: 3-6-3 9pm: 9-6-2

Swertres is a game that is being produced by PCSO (Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office) and is aired on PTV4 every single day. Even though there are multiple draws held each day, PTV only airs ones that are held at 9pm.

After making a small start in just a few limited areas in Philippines, PCSO has now expanded to every single nook and corner of the country. There are authorized lotto outlets being opened in almost every town and island of Philippines which certainly indicates how popular the game has become in these 20 long years.

If you are interested in playing swertres, you should check out swertres result history and determine how to pick the winning combinations. However, if you are interested in playing some of the other games at PCSO lotto, with considerably bigger payouts, you can check them out too. Just pick the patterns, know what you are doing and start betting on swertres today.

Swertres Result History

You may wonder why is it important to look at the swertres result history if you want to play the game known as swertres. Well, there can be multiple reasons for that and one obvious reason is that it gives you enough motivation to start betting. When you check out the swertres result history, you also find out exactly how much the winners took away at the end of the day. There is nothing more motivating than to see people claiming the prizes that you are going to bet on. So, when you have the right mindset to bet for the prize you want to win, it is much more likely that you will be hitting the right combination.

Besides getting all the motivation you need, a look at swertres result history also helps you find out how you can play this game and what number combinations do players and the system go with most of the times. It will definitely lower your odds of winning and you’ll definitely have a better chance at playing the lotto and hitting a jackpot. The lotto result history can also give you some clues about how you should be making your picks the next time you go out there to buy your tickets and mark the playslip.

So start playing swertres and pick your numbers right to make sure that you hit the jackpot. No matter what play type you choose, there are great chances that you can win a jackpot playing this wonderful lottery game.

If you know the basics of the game and are good at picking the lottery numbers, nothing can stop you from winning a jackpot of ₱4500. If you look into the swertres result history, you’d find out that there are many who have won a lot even with the smaller prizes of ₱1500 and ₱750 that are linked to the Rambolito play type. Nevertheless, standard swertres play type is played the most and offers the biggest prize for the game.

Decide which option you’d want to go with and start betting today.

Lotto Result History

Even though swertres remains the primary lottery game played at the PCSO lottery draw but there are other lottery games out there as well. A pool of 8 different games plus their variations is available to choose from when you are playing the PCSO lotto. There is lotto result history available for all these games as well and you need to simply make a choice as to which of them you’d want to play.

If you check lotto result history continuously, it will definitely help you bet on the games you are interested in. You won’t just be able to better understand the game mechanics but will also have a better chance at winning the lottery.  You can check the lotto result history any time at PCSO official website or, maybe, check the confirmed results shared here on this page.

Rest assured that whatever we share here will be accurate, precise and verified. Try your luck with the lotto today.

Swertres Lotto Result Today

Swertres result history may help you with all the motivation you need to start betting or picking up the trends in lottery games being played at the PCSO lottery draw. However, if you’re already convinced and you want to try your luck playing the lotto today, you should be checking out swertres lotto result today and see if your played numbers have won or not.

We share swertres lotto result right when the officials announce it on their Youtube Channel. All the results have been verified and double checked before they are published here so that you may not go wrong with believing you have won the jackpot. Obviously, you’d be running to claim your prize right after you check it out.  

It is also advisable that you check your swertres result today and don’t miss the results on any single day whether you have played the lottery or not. This will definitely put you on the track to follow the recent trends in lottery game and win significant sums every now and then.

Swertres is draw everyday with ez2 and STL lottery games and there are three draws for each of them. So, whether you are from Philippines or any other part of the world, you should be following the game regularly. Make sure that you buy your tickets and play the lottery as frequently as you possibly could. Keep coming back to check your swertres lotto result today.

Are There Any Risks Involved?

Risks are bound to come in your life no matter what you do. However, when you are playing the lottery games, you are at risk of not matching the winning combination and also that you may not get scammed.

However, when you choose a legitimate lottery draw like swertres, which is around for more than 20 years now, you are cutting down the risk of getting scammed automatically. Check the swertres result history and you will find out that there are hundreds of thousands of lottery players who have made themselves into millionaires only by playing this wonderful, legitimate lottery game.

Now, let’s come to the second thing. Yes, the risk of not choosing the winning combination always remains. But what you can rest assured of is that the results are not orchestrated and there is a very fair drawing procedure in place. Everything is done automatically and there is a neutral judge panel that goes through all the drawing gems to check if they are working properly before every single draw. The entire draw procedure is recorded and goes live so that nobody can claim they were wrong footed by the system and lost due to some manipulation of results.

There is no such instance of fraud or wrongdoing in the lotto result history and you can play with all the peace of mind you need.  

Today Swertres Result Schedule And Timing

When you are playing PCSO lotto games, you only have to worry about remembering the schedule of the games that are not drawn every single day. The things are different with swertres as the lottery is drawn on a daily basis and there is a fixed daily schedule for the lottery draws. All you need to do is to know the schedule and look at swertres result history to understand how exactly you should be picking your numbers.

Know the authorized lottery dealers near you and go visit them to play the lottery. Get your tickets and wait for the today swertres result as it is announced on TV or here at our website. You can also check out the official website of PCSO for checking out the results at:

  • Swertres result 11am
  • Swertres result 4pm
  • Swertres result 9pm

It is not necessary to play all the draws on a single day but, if you want to play multiple draws, you can mark your playslip in Draw section to highlight the number of draws you want to play your chosen combination for. You can choose up to 6 consecutive draws starting with the one you were going to play in the first place. Remember the ticket cost will vary depending on how may draws you’d want to participate in.

So, once you have made up your mind to play swertres at the PCSO lottery draw, start by following swertres result history for some time and ensure that you have greater chances of winning it than anyone else. Keep coming back to check swertres result here.