Swertres Result January 24 2020

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Swertres lottery game offers you a chance to win serious jackpot prizes. Despite the fact that you don’t have much on offer in single jackpot wins, you can win it as frequently as you like and accumulate wealth before you even know it. With Ez2 hearing  and some experience of playing the lottery game, you can match the numbers on swertres result as often as three times every day. And, with each win, you’re going to claim PHP 4500 jackpot prize.

Swertres Result January 24 2020 – Friday

11am: 9-5-8
4pm: 8-7-6
9pm: 8-2-5
(in exact order)

Even though you can win enough in jackpot prizes with swertres lottery, it is advised that you must continue playing the popular Ez2 lotto and other low-odd lotteries as well. The idea is to give you every chance of winning serious sums in jackpot prizes.

You can also check daily swertres result updates here in order to make sure that you never miss out what’s happening at the lotto scene in Philippines. It will give you insights into draw mechanics as well as the numbers that are drawn more frequently.

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