Swertres Result October 16 2019

The next big announcement at the PCSO lottery draw will be that of swertres result. The lottery game has been around for as long as the draw is being carried out. The lotto addicts love the low odds and the frequency at which this lottery game is drawn. You also get the luxury of swertres hearing predictions that put you a step closer to winning the jackpot prize.

Swertres Result Wednesday – 16-10-2019

11am: 5-3-1
4pm: 3-3-2
9pm: 7-5-6
(in exact order)

If you have been waiting for your turn to claim riches, you should start playing swertres lottery game right away. Even though you only get PHP 4500 jackpots each time you win it, you have three chances every single day to claim that jackpot prize. So, you should definitely try your luck with it.

Combine it with Ez2 lottery game and your chances of claiming riches will be even more evident. Add another PHP 4000 to the prize money that you’ll be playing for if you take that route.

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