Swertres Result October 2 2019

Swertres lotto gives Filipinos the opportunity to make PHP 4000 three times every day. The lottery game is drawn at the PCSO lottery draw at 11am, 4pm, and 9pm daily and you can win a jackpot prize with every draw if you choose to participate in all three of them on a given day. With daily draws, you get the opportunity to play as much as you like and win a serious sum in prize money by choosing the numbers that match the swertres result for the draw you are participating in.

Swertres Result Wednesday-2-10- 2019

11am: 5-3-9
4pm: 5-4-5
9pm: 0-2-4
(in exact order)

The swertres hearing updates are provided a day before the draw and the numbers are applicable to all the draws for that day. So, here you need to come up with some deliberation and thought to decide on which hot numbers and cold numbers you should be playing for the lottery draw you want to participate in. Look into the previous swertres result updates shared here at today swertres result as well to decide on the numbers that will be the most likely to be drawn.

Swertres result is shared here at this website as soon as it is announced officially at the PCSO head office. So, you never run late in getting the desired updates. Get it as soon as you become the winner.


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