Swertres Result Yesterday

Having fun playing swertres – the most popular lottery game at the PCSO lottery draw? Yes, everyone who plays these lotteries has good things to say about PCSO lotto. However, when it comes to swertres, it has made huge fans because the lottery is drawn three times on daily basis and has a good enough prize list that is given on fixed payout basis. So, if you have also been trying your luck with the game, you should keep an eye on swertres result yesterday and today to ensure that you do not miss out on anything at all.

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PCSO Lottery Draw

PCSO lottery draw started some more than 20 years ago in Philippines and it gained momentum through those years past by to reach where it is today. The lottery draw is immensely popular among the masses and has increased its gaming collection over the years as well.

You can now play all sorts of different games with the likes of swertres, ez2, 6/42, 6/49, 6/55, 6/58 and many others that have helped people make riches over the years. However, as already mentioned, swertres remains the most popular of the lot and more players choose to play this lottery draw than any others, partly due to its lower odds and partly due to the fact that it is drawn every single day three times.

With so many draws happening on a daily basis, you may miss the draw on which you had played the swertres lottery and for that reason you’d want to check out swertres result yesterday and see if you had matched the winning combo or not. The swertres result history is not deleted from our servers and you can check it out anytime by browsing through the previous posts and checking the results being shared.

With swertres result yesterday, you also get to know the winning combinations for the previous day and the prize amounts that were claimed. Obviously, it gives you a bit of added motivation so that you can continuously play the lottery and do not lose hope just because you couldn’t match the winning numbers in a few draws.

So, keep checking swertres result history and keep playing PCSO lotto!

Swertres Result Yesterday

Again, if you have not been able to check your swertres result on the day and time when it was announced, you can check it later. There can be a lot of different reasons why you might have missed the lottery draw and regardless of that reason you should simply check out swertres result yesterday on our website.

Even if you have not won the jackpot playing this lottery draw, you would be surprised to know that you can pick the trends in winning combinations. Yes we know the authorities use automatic mega gems for drawing these lotteries and there may not be any specific pattern of choosing the winning numbers, a thorough analysis of swertres result history reveals otherwise.

But one thing you should keep in mind is that the winning combinations may only show a trend to those avid bettors who are doing it day and night. If you are a newbie and are just starting things out playing the lottery game, you may still have a hard time in establishing some link in winning combinations and the trend you think they’re following.

Still, you are encouraged to check swertres result yesterday and find out something in the history of the lotto.

Swertres Lotto Result Today

Even though you can check out swertres result yesterday, it is in your best interest to keep following swertres lotto result today. Obviously, on an odd day when you had something special to attend, you could afford to miss the results and go for the other option that is available to you. But if you keep yourself current with the results today, you can never miss out your prize if you have won it.

The other option should be kept for the times when you have to become an expert and you want to go through swertres result history. So, make sure that you check out today swertres result and know how the winning combinations are changing on a day to day basis.

You will learn a lot about the swertres lottery as you move forward. Therefore, keeping yourself ahead of the game by checking out the swertres lotto result today is definitely the way to go about it.

Swertres Result Schedule

If you are interested in checking out the swertres result today, you must be aware of the draw schedule for the game, obviously. Despite the availability of swertres result yesterday, which is available after all draws are held for the day, you might still want to go with fresh results because the excitement of finding out if you have won or not right at the moment when the result is announced is unmatchable.

So, keep your excitement under control and know the swertres result schedule for daily draws allowing yourself to make riches and finding out the results firsthand. Before we go on to share the result schedule with you, bear in mind that only the results of one draw for the day are televised live on PTV4. For the rest of the draws, you should keep the schedule in mind and visit our website right when it happens. The results are updated instantly as soon as they are checked and verified.

For checking your swertres result today, have a look at the following schedule and come back to our website accordingly.


  • Swertres result 11am
  • Swertres result 4pm
  • Swertres result 9pm


You can simply note down the time of the draw in which you are participating and can tune into PTV4 or check the results out here on this page.

Ez2 Lotto Result

Swertres and Ez2 go hand in hand as they both are the fixed payout lottery games played at the PCSO lotto. Both the games follow the same schedule and the same draw mechanics as well. So, if you are going to bet your money at swertres, you might also want to try your luck with Ez2 lotto as well. The prize money may not be much different, and the same would be the case with drawing the lottery. So, if you want to check ez2 lotto result, here you have the schedule for it too.


  • Ez2 lotto result 11am
  • Ez2 lotto result 4pm
  • Ez2 lotto result 9pm


Decide which draws you would want to be part of and start playing the lottery as you would with swertres. Yes, you have to buy your lottery ticket at the nearest authorized lotto outlet and mark the playslip with your chosen combination before submitting it back to the lotto outlet operator. Once done, sit back and relax until the results are aired and check if your chosen numbers match the ez2 lotto result or not.

With so many lottery games around today, it is in your best interest to go with one that is legitimate and has a long standing reputation for helping people turn their fates upside down. And, if you haven’t been able to find any yet, we’d recommend PCSO lotto for you. The lottery draw is known for a variety of amazing lottery games that have low to high odds of winning a jackpot. However, all these lottery games offer generous jackpots and have made thousands of millionaires over last couple of decades or so. And, if you want to play the best lottery game offered by the PCSO lotto, you should bet on swertres. Check out the today swertres result and swertres result yesterday to see if you have hit the jackpot or not. Try picking the patterns and give yourself a chance at winning it big playing the lottery game.